Changing Times and Going Small with the Leica D Lux Typ 109

Theater in Tacoma, Washington
Theater on the Square, Tacoma, Washington

Since going “small” and mobile about a month ago using only my Leica D Lux Typ 109 and an iPad for editing and posting (and occasionally by Macbook Pro) I thought I would post a few shots of how it’s going.

Tacoma, Washington Eatery
Tacoma, Washington Eatery
1947 Lincoln at the Lemay Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington
A sunny summer day at Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington
Fidel, The Barber of Tacoma ~ Tacoma, Washington

Many of these photos are .jpegs and straight out of the camera.  Some have minor adjustments that include a crop, exposure or vibrance adjustment.  Some have been converted to black and white using Snapseed.

Over this past month with the Leica D Lux Typ 109 and traveling small and light my overall feelings so far is that it’s Good!  I like it.  It feels freeing, unobtrusive, easy on the back and just plain fun.

Other shooters on a Photo Walk with Glazers Photo in Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington from the aft deck of a Washington State Ferry
Tired couple after a long day of shopping in Seattle, Washington

Changing Times, Changing Gear or Going Small and Loving It.

The New Kit photographed with the iPhone 5s

To quote a Dylan song, “the times they are a changin'”, and I’m changing with them. Well maybe not in all ways but in the way I do my photography hobby, things certainly are changing fast and going small.

I’m going mobile.  Specifically what I’m doing is pairing down my entire photography set up from cameras and accessories to the computers and laptops I do my post processing work on.  I’m going small, light and mobile.  I can’t really say for how long but for now this seems like a thing to do.

I want everything I shoot with, and everything I edit with, to fit in my Oskars One Day Bag .  And that’s a pretty small bag.  So what am I going to have in there;

Leica D Lux Typ 109

iPad Air 2

iPhone 5s

Cleaning cloth and batteries

That’s it.

I have a handfull of Apps on the iPad that I like for editing including;



Image Blender

and Apps to link me directly to my Smugmug web page at Tom Collins Photography

So, I’ll be missing the full size sensor of a bigger camera and I’ll be missing the fine tools I use in Lightroom and Photoshop and the use of a big screen.  But will it really matter?  I doubt it.  I’m an amatuer photographer and have been caught up in the game of chasing gear for too many years.  Now I just want to find interesting pictures to tell a story while I play in My Mobile Life.  I’ll be posting photos I’m taking on the fly, day to day, on road trips and vacations here to my blog, to my Instagram @tom5620 and to My Mobile Life at Tom Collins Photography