Living Together

We have been given the hearts and minds to learn and to teach.  As a species that relies on each other, for almost everything, the decision to be hateful and worse to encourage and teach it, knowing that our time together in this life is amazingly short, baffles the mind and hurts the heart. Loving … More Living Together

Team Rust

I’ve been asked who Team Rust is and why we go by that name.  So I’ll try here to tell you who we are, how we came to be and what our mission has been and continues to be going forward. We are a small cadre of wannabe banditos exploring Americas past.  I say cadre … More Team Rust

A Ghost Story (another Team Rust Adventure)

A friend of mine and I like riding around the high plains of the Pacific Northwest, specifically eastern Washington exploring old ghost towns and abandoned homesteads.  Many, in this part of the country, date back to the mid 1800’s and just by looking at them you know these were hard times.  Visiting old cemeteries is … More A Ghost Story (another Team Rust Adventure)