30 Days of Black and White (Day 4)

Still looking for the right settings in my camera to get the look I want. But this exercise has already been very revealing about how to see in black and white and how to adjust my camera to match what I see. This picture was taken at almost noon on a bright sunny fall day in Gig Harbor, Washington (home).

Day 4

leicadlux typ109 ~ Monochrome +5 contrast ~ +1 sharpening ~ -2 NR


30 Days of Black and White (Day 3)

Grit City, Tacoma, Washington on a foggy and overcast morning. Changed things up a bit today and used a different camera. The settings were a bit different and I’ll make some adjustment to them but overall I like the way it’s looking. Had to do a couple of small adjustments in Lightroom to contrast and a crop.

I’ve now adjusted both my cameras and iPhone to shoot in black and white only. The project continues.


30 Days of Black and White (Day 2)

From the photos I took today I like the settings I’m using but I haven’t had a chance to get out and shoot under other conditions. Work and weather being the main conditions. So for the moment I’m looking in my own backyard, literally, for shots to take and adjustments to make and fiddling around in Lightroom for a few light edits.

Day 2


This late afternoon shot works with the in camera settings and with a light adjustment brush on the seat of the swing but I’m not sure how it will work in another setting. We’ll see soon.

30 Days of Black and White (Day 1)

I rarely find my way to the end of projects like this but I got a little bored and was looking for inspiration. So I decided to try something new and a bit of a challenge and shoot only black and white for a month. Then I decided to go even farther and shoot only in .jpeg and no .raw files at all.

I guess the reason for not shooting in .Raw +Fine is because it feels like, not having the .raw file is like working without a safety net or shooting with a film camera. No uncooked .raw file to fall back on. I have to get the look I want without much headroom for making corrections later. My camera settings, for the image I want, will have to be correct.

So I’ve set up my camera to shoot .jpegs in a black and white film simulation. My LCD and my EVF are also set up to display what I see in black and white. So for 30 days I’ll try this and see what develops.  I’m hoping this will encourage me to take several photos everyday and pick one that I like for the day and to see in a new way.

Here’s Day 1.


This photo was a test shot after setting up my Fuji XT1 menus to reflect the look I’m trying to go for.