30 Days of Black and White (Day 24)

Sunday, overcast, windy, cold and rain on the way. Another typical northwest winter day. What else to do but grab a hat and coat and go out for a few photos. It’s like going fishing or going treasure hunting but with a camera. New streams to fish, new shops to treasure hunt or places to go to look for photos, it’s kind of all the same.

Today I decided to go north a few miles to Bremerton, Washington. Usually the only reason to go to Bremerton is to catch the ferry to Seattle. But it’s trying to change and accommodate more Seattleites because it cost so much less to live in this long neglected  Navy town than it does in Seattle. So with new construction in place I feel like it may be a good time to get shots of what it looks like now.

All these images were .jpegs out of the camera with a couple minor tweaks to contrast in LR. All shot with my ‘old’ Fuji XT1 and the Fujifilm 18-55mm kit lens.

Day 24






30 Days of Black and White (Day 23)

A short walk down to the beach offered up this beautiful piece of driftwood for todays photo. Only seven more days remain in this small project but changes in my way of thinking, seeing and manipulating the buttons and dials on my camera have also happened.

In addition to the changes I’m experiencing with my camera and vision, I’m writing notes daily in my WP journal and that’s a discipline that has proven to be fun as well. I’m sure I’ll enjoy having this record to look back on.

Day 23

Fuji XT1  1/80s @f5.6 ~ Fuji 16mm f1.4 lens

30 Days of Black and White (Day 21)

Good day for taking photos in Tacoma, Washington today. Luckily the rain let up for a bit so I could get out with my camera and take a casual walk around the near north end of the city. I used my Fuji XT1 and a Fuji 35mm/f2 which gives a roughly 50mm field of view. That’s a little tighter than what I usually shoot but fun and offers a slightly different look.

After 21 days of shooting and seeing (through the camera lens) in only black and white, many new thoughts about how to see, expose, and develop have cropped up. I’m looking forward to where this small project leads.

Day 21 -1

The Grand Cinema ~ Fuji XT1 1/320s @f5.6 Fuji 35mm/f2

Day 21 -2

Fuji XT1 1/320s @f5.6 Fuji 35mm/f2

Day 21 -3

Fuji XT1 1/1000s @f5.6 Fuji 35mm/f2

Day 21 -4

Old City Hall Fuji XT1 1/210s @f5.6 Fuji 35mm/f2

Day 21 -5

Old City Hall Fuji XT1 1/210s @f5.6 Fuji 35mm/f2

Day 21 -6

Opera Alley Fuji XT1 1/420s @f5.6 Fuji 35mm/f2

30 Days of Black and White (Day 20)

Oliver, the family cat who has quietly taken over the house gave me a pose for todays black and white entry. I used the iPhone 8, again because it was what was immediately available, while my camera(s) sat on my desk. I definitely like the image quality of my cameras over the iPhone but for those times when there’s no camera immediately available there’s no beating have a camera/phone in your pocket.

Day 20

iPhone 8 set to mono and cropped

30 Days of Black and White (Day 18)

This was such a welcome site at 2am. It had been a great day of travel, eating, drinking and walking for hours. But when the evening finally came to a close this very comfortable bed was waiting.  I was so happy to see it and it looked so good, I had to pause for the Photo before crawling in for a great night sleep.

Day 18

Leica Typ 109 1/60s @f1.7